Based in Amsterdam and Seoul

Bora Lee-Kil is a South Korean writer and filmmaker who believes that being born to and raised by deaf parents has given her the best gift of storytelling. She dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and traveled South East Asia for 8 months. This experience inspired her first film, Road-Schooler (2008) which also resulted in a book, Road is School (2009). Following this, she studied filmmaking at Korea National University of Arts. Glittering Hands (2014) is an award-winning documentary based on her stories of growing up moving back and forth between two worlds – one of silence and one of sounds. She also published the essay book Glittering Hands(2015). Her recent feature film, A War of Memories received the jury’s special mention for the Mecenat Award at the Busan International Film Festival in 2018. She won the Korea Emerging Women’s Culture Award in 2015.


2017-2019 Master of Film – Netherlands Film Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts

2009-2016 B.A. in Broadcasting, School of Film, TV, & Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts


2015 Emerging Cultural Artist Award for Women -Cultural Women of the Year Award, Women & Culture in Network