Bora Lee-Kil
Title: Glittering Hands
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2014
Length: 80min
Director, Writer, Producer: Bora Lee-Kil
Assistant Director: Joonyong Seong
Cinematographer: Bora Lee-Kil, Joonyong Seong, Kyuri Jeon

Synopsis: Despite being deaf Sang-kuk never forgets to smile while he makes furniture for a living. Kyung-hee can’t hear either but with her natural beauty and outgoing personality, she enjoys her job at a sign language interpretation centre. Between them, they have hearing daughter Bora who is a film director and a son named Kwang-hee. When, after moving eight times since marriage, Sang-kuk wants to move one more time, Kyung-Hee opposes him. In filming the silent world of her parents, the director discovers new stories coming from herself and her younger brother, who both grew up moving back and forth between two worlds – one of silence and the other of sound.

Screening & Awards (Selected):  
2013 The 15th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, Korea – Okrang Award & Audience Award
2014 The 15th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival, Korea – Grand Prize
2015 Shanghai TV Festival, China – STVF Magnolia Awards nominated
2015 The 14th Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan – Special Mention
2017 The 7th Salaya International Documentary Film Festival, Thailand
2015~2019 Theatrical released and community screenings in Korea and Japan
2018 Screening at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2019 The 2nd Ottawa Korean Film Festival, Canada
2020 The Seattle Deaf Film Festival, USA
2022 The Portland Deaf Film Festival, USA

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